Mission Statement


The vision of Life For Haiti is to give the people of Haiti a quality of life they have perhaps dreamed about but have never experienced. In order for them to have the fullness of life we believe that:

  1. Every person should ultimately accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. As a Christian they can begin to experience life in this world in a much better way as they learn more about the plan of God for their own life as well as enjoy eternal life in the world to come. While this is the free choice of every person, LFH will always make this their first priority. LFH currently does this by helping the local church.

    1. Pastor Marcel Destine is a long time friend of LFH. He has proven himself to be honest, trustworthy, and above all a real example of how God can use the life of one person to help change others.

    2. We use the people of his church as potential applicants for job opportunities.

  2. Provide an opportunity to earn an income. Each person has certain abilities and talents that can be used. We want to interview persons to determine if we can assist them in creating a job opportunity for them. By providing a wheelbarrow, a power washer, hand tools, garden tools, or perhaps even a truck, we can begin to place one more person into the workplace.

  3. Teach business principles. We want to teach these applicants that most things in life are not free. While we are open to give these work items at no cost to Haitians we also know there is value in having them purchase these items from LFH. They would buy the items at very reduced costs. This will teach them:

    1. How to handle money even if it is only $100.00 per month. (estimated earnings with this new job opportunity) EX:  They will purchase the wheelbarrow from us for $30 and will make monthly payments of $5. Will they make the payment? Will it be on time? What about if that certain someone pays it off early?

    2. How to take care of and maintain that item. If they abuse their tools and they break, they just lost their source of income. They will learn that taking care of their tools today will insure they have income tomorrow.