Get Involved

Without your support LFH cannot accomplish the mission they have been called by God to perform. You can help by:
  1. Praying.

    Haiti has a dark spiritual influence in the atmosphere. Pray that God will continue to bless His work in Haiti. God is the only supreme being but He has given us free choice! As you pray, we believe the Holy Spirit will begin to tug at the hearts of people to make a decision for Christ.

  2. Give financially.

    You can choose one of our projects or just make a donation.

  3. Give materially.

    LFH is always in need of things we need. Whether it is clothing, tools, furniture, or even a truck, LFH is always taking items to give to people in Haiti.

  4. Give of your time.

    We need help picking items up, packing trucks, organizing storage space, website help, etc.